FBI & IRS Themed Ransomware !!!

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FBI & IRS Themed Ransomware !!!

New Phishing email campaign started impersonating IRS [Internal Revenue Services] & FBI logo’s to gain the confidentiality of the readers [Victim’s] and spreading the ransomware








IRS alerted people to be aware and asked not to click any of the embedded hyperlinks which is carried in the email, if you do so there will be a ransomware impact on the accessed machines

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen cleared that people who is having the TAX issues will not get such emails / phone calls by making people threaten. Also, quoted that an awareness program is already initiated as “Don’t Take the Bait” about various phishing emails and targetted phishing ransomware carrying emails. Asked victim’s to report if any such emails to FBI at the Internet Crime Complaint Center, www.IC3.gov  and Forward any IRS-themed scams email to phishing@irs.gov. to take further actions.

IRS is not using any emails, text messages or social media to discuss / convey about the personnel tax issues

IRS requesting the users who disclosed any credentail informations asked to reset the E-Services password of IRS

Even IRS published the important steps to prevent the people from ransomware: Tips to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

The FBI published an awareness page should be more helpful for the people to understand about the ransomware

Don’t get tricked in any phishing emails, if you are 100% sure about the sender and the email please access, else seek experts advice and proceed.

Don’t be a Hackers Victim !!!

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