Hurricane Harvey – Cyber Criminals Playing with Humanity

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Hurricane Harvey – Cyber Criminals Playing with Humanity

Humongous disaster also taken as an advantage by the cyber criminals. Hurricane Harvey phishing scams is spreading world wide and targeting the kind hearted people to donate the money to their phishing scam.

US CERT warns there is a phishing emails getting circulated to people which is seeking donations to help the people who is under disaster. Also, FTE[Federal Trade Commision] made an clear announcement if kind hearted peope want to help the suffering asked to donate through trusted sources or known charity and adivsed not be a victim to the cyber criminals.

Points to be cautious if you want to donate:

Also cyber criminals spreading the non -working emergency numbers for help which is really condemned. The people who are suffering will be left unattended.

Houston Police guided and provided the emergency number through their twitter page to reach for emergencies

All the humans are gathering only when the disaster is happening and helping each other and making sure the humanity is still exist

But being cyber criminals people expect you to play only on the required time, not all the time

When news’s are reported as people is heavily struck by huge disaster and it’s very sad to hear people are dying, missing, scattered and no life in future. Rather helping if you are silent enough, it would be great. Let the good hearted people can help them and the recovery will be sooner

World is expecting a humanity with cyber criminals as well. God Bless America !!!


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