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5 10, 2023

Increased number of victims reported to “leak sites” of ransomware gangs

By | 2023-10-20T23:38:40+05:30 October 5th, 2023|BOTNET, Compromised, cyberattack, Data Breach, Evilproxy, Exploitation, hackers, Internet Security, IOC's, malicious cyber actors, Malicious extension, Security Advisory, Security Update|

According to the "2023 State of the Threat" report by Her Secureworks, the number of [...]

29 09, 2023

Cisco: Prompts administrators to patch an IOS zero-day

By | 2023-09-29T23:25:18+05:30 September 29th, 2023|BOTNET, cisco, Exploitation, Internet Security, Security Advisory, Security Update, vulnerability, Zero Day Attack|

On Wednesday, Cisco issued a warning to its customers, urging them to address a zero-day [...]

11 09, 2023

Akira Ransomware Attacks Exploit Zero-Day Cisco ASA Vulnerability

By | 2023-09-12T09:12:31+05:30 September 11th, 2023|cisco, Internet Security, Security Advisory, Security Update, Tips, vulnerability, Zero Day Attack|

In recent updates, there have been emerging reports about threat actors associated with the Akira [...]

7 09, 2023

A new Python variant of the Chaes Malware is focusing on the banking and logistics sectors.

By | 2023-09-18T11:24:38+05:30 September 7th, 2023|BOTNET, Compromised, Data Breach, Exploitation, malicious cyber actors, Mobile Security, Security Advisory, Security Update|

The banking and logistics sectors are currently facing an assault from an updated version of [...]

1 09, 2023

DarkGate malware activity is increasing

By | 2023-09-01T09:01:41+05:30 September 1st, 2023|BOTNET, Compromised, cyberattack, Darknet, Data Breach, Evilproxy, Exploitation, Internet Security, IOC's, malicious cyber actors, Malicious extension, Malware, Security Advisory, Security Update|

A recently detected malspam campaign has been identified as distributing a readily available malware known [...]

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