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Data Leak From Embraer — Ransomware Attack

The Brazilian aerospace conglomerate became the victim of a ransomware attack last month.

Embraer — Aerospace company

An aerospace company Embraer, focused on produces commercial, military, executive, and agricultural aircraft and provides aeronautical services.

Recently, the Brazilian company faced a serious ransomware attack that leads to a data leak.

Hackers leaked some of the company’s private files as revenge after the airplane maker refused to negotiate. Instead, the company chose to restore systems from backups without paying their ransom demand.

However, The files stolen from the company’s servers last month were shared on a website hosted on the Dark Web, managed by the RansomExx  (also known as Defray777) ransomware gang.

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RansomExx Gang

In addition, The gang uploaded data on its site, details including:

  • employee details,
  • business contracts,
  • photos of flight simulations, and
  • source code
Image: ZDNet

However, Embraer admitted to a security breach, saying the attackers had “access to only a single environment,” and that the incident caused only a temporary impact on “some of its operations.”

Importantly, Switzerland-based helicopter maker Kopter hit by a ransomware attack after hackers broke into the company’s internal network.

Above all, Ransomware gangs are now using new tactics like cold-calling to pressure victims to make payments if the targeted organizations attempt restoration from backups.

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