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Ransomware Attack On Swiss Helicopter Maker

Kopter’s data has been published on the LockBit gang’s blog, hosted on the dark web.

Kopter — Helicopter Maker:

Primarily based in Switzerland, Kopter has been operating since 2009.

A ransomware attack has hits Kopter after hackers broke into the company’s internal network and encrypted the company’s files.

Source : ZDNet

After Kopter refused to engage with the cyber-criminals, the gang published the company’s data on the dark web.

Cyber-Criminal Gang LockBit

LockBit ransomware gang published the Kopter’s internal data on special “leak sites“.

Therefore, As part of tactics to put pressure on the hacked companies to either have them come to the negotiation table or force them into paying huge ransom demands.

Data shared on the dark web includes:

  • business documents,
  • internal projects, and
  • various aerospace and defense industry standards.
Source : ZDNet

Kopter Exploit By LockBit

In an email to ZDNet, the gang breached Kopter’s network by taking advantage of a weak password used by a VPN appliance.

Importantly, did not have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled.

LockBit gang in their web portal on the dark web, showed about the attack and the ransom demand.

After that, someone from Kopter accessed the ransom page, but the company did not engage with them in a chat window provided to hacked companies.

In short, Kopter has not yet publicly disclosed details about the ransomware attack.

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