Google announces new features for Android and Wear OS

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Google announces new features for Android and Wear OS

Google has announced a slew of new features for Android, Chromebook and Wear OS that are designed to improve connectivity, productivity and accessibility. 

Google new features:

Once you install the latest update for the app, opening a PDF will show a new FAB pen in the lower right corner of the screen. Tapping it brings up a new pill-shaped toolbar just above the bottom navigation bar.

This toolbar contains six buttons or tools. There is a pen tool that you can use to draw on the PDF. Available in four colors (red, black, blue and green) and stroke widths of 8 to 40 pixels.

Next, we have a highlighter in yellow, green, blue or purple. This tool also offers the same stroke width range and can be used for text highlighting. An eraser tool lets you erase an entire stroke, while also getting buttons cancellation/retry in case you mark something wrong. Finally, you get a tool to hide all the marks you’ve made on the PDF.

Google is releasing another productivity feature that allows users to use a stylus or simply touch the screen to annotate PDFs in the Google Drive app for Android. You can play around with different ink strokes to write notes or feedback, or use the highlighter tool to save important text on your tablet or phone. Afterwards, you can hide, undo, delete or save a new copy of your annotated documents. Freehand annotation in Google Drive for Android is now available.

In addition, Wear OS is getting two new sound and display modes that are designed to improve watch accessibility. Users will soon get access to mono-audio mode to help limit disorientation caused by split-audio. New color-correction and grayscale modes will give users more choice for their watch display.

The company is also launching new emoji combinations in Emoji Kitchen, which is a Gboard feature that lets users send merged or remixed sticker versions of Google’s emoji designs. There are new basketball team and spring options that users can play around with and then share with others.

Another new fun feature is the upcoming rollout of new tap-to-pay animations in Google Wallet to help confirm your in-store transactions. Google hinted that users will start seeing “cheerful penguins” and other characters starting next week.

With such a vast variety of new announcements, there’s a little bit for everyone in this Spring’s Android and Wear OS update. Some of these updates have already started rolling out, while a few are still underway. 

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