Microsoft: Windows Autopatch is now generally available

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Microsoft: Windows Autopatch is now generally available

Microsoft on Monday announced the general availability of a feature called Autopatch that automatically keeps Windows and Office software up-to-date on enrolled endpoints.

Microsoft Auto Patch

Microsoft’s new auto patch service

It is designed to automate security updates and help security teams better manage the often arduous process of patching their Microsoft estates, has formally launched.

Microsoft will continue to release updates on the second Tuesday of every month and now Autopatch helps streamline updating operations and create new opportunities for IT pros,” Lior Bela said.

Autopatch works by first applying security updates to devices in what is known as the test ring. This contains a minimum number of representative devices.

After a validation period, updates are pushed to the First (1% devices), Fast (9%), and Wide (90%) rings.

Users who are ready to start enrolling their device estates in Windows Autopatch and for those with more than 150 eligible licences, Microsoft is making dedicated support specialists available.

“Windows Autopatch aims to keep at least 95% of eligible devices on the latest Windows quality update for 21 days after release,” the company states in its documentation.

“But through the Autopatch blade in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, users can fine-tune ring membership, access the service health dashboard, generate reports, and file support requests.”

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