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20 11, 2023

Six Steps to Safeguard Small Businesses Against Cyberattacks

By | 2023-12-01T08:20:47+05:30 November 20th, 2023|BOTNET, Compromised, cyberattack, Darknet, Data Breach, Evilproxy, Exploitation, Internet Security, IOC's, malicious cyber actors, Mobile Security, Security Advisory, Security Update|

Successful management of cyber risks in small businesses centers on adherence to workplace regulations and [...]

20 11, 2023

MySQL: Servers Targeted by DDoS-as-a-Service, Ddostf

By | 2023-11-20T07:31:10+05:30 November 20th, 2023|BOTNET, Darknet, DDOS, Evilproxy, Exploitation, Internet Security, IOC's, malicious cyber actors, Malware|

Malicious cyber actors exploit MySQL servers through a botnet known as 'Ddostf,' utilizing it as [...]

17 11, 2023

Zimbra Zero-Day Exploited to Hack Government Emails

By | 2023-11-20T07:31:51+05:30 November 17th, 2023|BOTNET, Compromised, Evilproxy, Exploitation, Internet Security, malicious cyber actors, Mobile Security, phishing, Security Advisory, Security Update, vulnerability, Zero Day Attack|

Four distinct groups exploited a zero-day vulnerability in the Zimbra Collaboration email software in real-world [...]

16 11, 2023

Critical CVE-2023-34060 Vulnerability in VMware Cloud Director Appliance: CISA Advises Immediate Patching

By | 2023-11-20T07:33:18+05:30 November 16th, 2023|malicious cyber actors, Security Advisory, Security Update, VMware, vulnerability|

VMware has just released an advisory (VMSA-2023-0026) addressing a critical authentication bypass vulnerability found in [...]

15 11, 2023

Google Warns of Malicious Exploitation of Bard by Fraudster

By | 2023-11-16T08:29:10+05:30 November 15th, 2023|BOTNET, Compromised, Evilproxy, Exploitation, google, Internet Security, IOC's, malicious cyber actors, Malicious extension, Security Advisory|

Google Files Lawsuit Against Fraudsters Exploiting Bard's Genetics Artificial Intelligence Hype to Deceptively Distribute Malware. [...]

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