27 09, 2022

China-linked TA413 group targets Tibetan entities with new backdoor

By | 2022-09-27T15:19:19+05:30 September 27th, 2022|IOC's, malicious cyber actors, Malicious extension, Malware, Security Advisory, Security Update|

A China-linked cyberespionage group, tracked as TA413 (aka LuckyCat), is exploiting recently disclosed flaws in Sophos [...]

27 09, 2022

BlackCat Ransomware Attackers Spotted Fine-Tuning Their Malware Arsenal

By | 2022-09-27T14:29:25+05:30 September 27th, 2022|malicious cyber actors, Malicious extension, Malware, Ransomware, Security Advisory, Security Update|

BlackCat Ransomware attackers fine-tuning their malware arsenal in a bid to remain undercover and expand their [...]

23 09, 2022

Hackers Using Malicious OAuth Apps to Take Over Email Servers

By | 2022-09-23T18:10:49+05:30 September 23rd, 2022|Email servers, Internet Security, malicious cyber actors, Malware, Microsoft, Security Advisory|

Microsoft on Thursday warned of a consumer-facing attack that made use of rogue OAuth applications [...]

20 09, 2022

Europol and Bitdefender Release Free Decryptor for LockerGoga Ransomware

By | 2022-09-20T18:01:29+05:30 September 20th, 2022|Compromised, Malware, Ransomware, Security Advisory, Security Update|

Cybersecurity firm Bitdefender published a new decryptor on Friday for LockerGoga, a strain of ransomware best [...]

15 09, 2022

WordPress Sites Compromised Due to FishPig Supply Chain Attack

By | 2022-09-15T19:13:18+05:30 September 15th, 2022|Malware, Security Advisory, Security Update, Targeted Attacks, Tips, wordpress|

Threat actors infected FishPig’s distribution server as part of a supply chain attack. The vendor’s service [...]

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