Samsung has created a zero-click antivirus for messages

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Samsung has created a zero-click antivirus for messages

Samsung has introduced a new Message Guard security feature for its Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets that can better protect users against “zero-click” cyberattacks disguised as image attachments in messages. 

Zero-click attacks often leave little trace and victims may be completely unaware that their device has been compromised. In some cases, security measures like end-to-end encrypted messaging intended to protect users can actually make zero-click attacks even harder to detect as the data being sent can only be viewed by the sender and receiver.

How Samsung prevents Zero-click attacks ?

Samsung claims its new Message Guard feature can help prevent these attacks before they occur, automatically quarantining and neutralizing potential threats concealed within PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, ICO, WEBP, BMP, and WBMP format image files before they can cause any harm.

When a Galaxy device receives a text message with an image attachment, Message Guard isolates the image file from the rest of your device to lock down any potentially malicious code. The feature then scans the image before processing it to ensure it can’t infect the device.

The new security system adds to Samsung’s existing multiple layers of protection, most notably Samsung Knox, which can to provide detection of threats in real time and protection from malware.

Samsung also plans to roll out Message Guard to other Galaxy smartphones and tablets running One UI 5.1 or higher later this year. So eventually, this protection will become a standard feature across the entire range of Samsung’s Galaxy devices.

Samsung pre-installs One UI 5.1 on Samsung Galaxy S23 series devices and released it officially on February 16, 2023. Galaxy devices that are still in support will receive the update to One UI 5.1 eventually.

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