3 05, 2023

New LOBSHOT Malware Deployed Via Google Ads

By | 2023-05-05T01:51:35+05:30 May 3rd, 2023|Backdoor, BOTNET, Compromised, cyberattack, Exploitation, hackers, infostealer, Internet Security, IOC's, malicious cyber actors, Malicious extension, Malware|

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new malware, called ‘LOBSHOT,’ distributed through Google ads. What is [...]

5 04, 2023

Hackers Exploit WinRAR SFX Archives to Install Backdoors Undetected

By | 2023-04-10T21:49:41+05:30 April 5th, 2023|Backdoor, BOTNET, Compromised, Data Breach, Exploitation, Malware, Security Advisory, Security Update|

Threat actors exploit WinRAR self-extracting (SFX) archives containing decoy files by adding malicious functionality to install backdoors [...]

16 02, 2023

Cloudflare Thwarts Largest DDoS Attack on Record: 71M Requests

By | 2023-02-16T22:49:53+05:30 February 16th, 2023|Backdoor, Compromised, Data Breach, Exploitation, Internet Security, malicious cyber actors, Security Advisory, Security Update|

Cloudflare stated that it had managed to mitigate multiple “hyper-volumetric” DDoS attacks that originated from [...]

2 02, 2023

Hackers Use New IceBreaker Malware to Breach Gaming Companies

By | 2023-02-02T07:03:56+05:30 February 2nd, 2023|Backdoor, hackers, Internet Security, malicious cyber actors, Malicious extension, Malware, Mobile Security, Security Advisory, Security Update|

Hackers have been targeting online gaming and gambling companies with what appears to be a [...]

19 01, 2023

New Backdoor Created Using Leaked CIA’s Hive Malware Discovered in the Wild

By | 2023-01-26T09:14:39+05:30 January 19th, 2023|Backdoor, BOTNET, Compromised, Evilproxy, malicious cyber actors, Malicious extension, Malware, Tips|

Netlab recently released a report confirming that this sample was adapted from the leaked Hive [...]

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