Cisco Webex Meetings Flaw Enables Unauthorized Access

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Cisco Webex Meetings Flaw Enables Unauthorized Access

Cisco disclosed a major security vulnerability in its Webex Meetings platform, affecting some customers in its Frankfurt data center since early May 2024.

The vulnerability in Cisco Webex Meetings, found during targeted security research, allowed unauthorized access to sensitive meeting details. Cisco fixed the issue globally on May 28, 2024.

Cisco Webex Meetings Flaw

The vulnerability allowed unauthorized access to meeting information and metadata, including times, participants, and potentially sensitive discussions.

Cisco swiftly mitigated the issue, notified affected customers, and confirmed no further unauthorized access attempts since the fix. The company continues to monitor for unauthorized activity and is conducting an ongoing investigation to ensure platform security.


Cisco advises Webex Meetings customers to stay vigilant.

Monitor regular support channels for further communication.

The company has detailed a list of security recommendations for Webex Meeting hosts and administrators to enhance security measures.

Cisco is committed to working with the security community to enhance industry-wide security standards.

The company encourages users to engage with its support channels for any further questions or concerns regarding the security of their Webex Meetings.

The Cisco Security Vulnerability Policy provides detailed information on security recommendations and Cisco’s vulnerability disclosure policies.

Cisco Webex Meetings customers are encouraged to follow the official communication channels provided by Cisco for further updates and detailed security recommendations.

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