Cloudflare Thwarts Largest DDoS Attack on Record: 71M Requests

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Cloudflare Thwarts Largest DDoS Attack on Record: 71M Requests

Cloudflare stated that it had managed to mitigate multiple “hyper-volumetric” DDoS attacks that originated from more than 30,000 IP addresses.

The 71 rps attack is 35% higher than the previous DDoS attack record with 46 million rps in June 2022, as stated by Cloudflare. 

The attacks were launched from over 30,000 IP addresses from various cloud providers and targeted various companies. Gaming, hosting, and cryptocurrency were among the industries targeted and cloud platforms.

DDoS Threats Continue to Rise

In recent years, volumetric DDoS attacks have been growing, and some botnets have been using powerful devices to hit targets with millions of requests per second. The Mēris botnet, for example, hit Yandex with a 21.8 million RPS attack in September 2021. 

With DDOS-for-hire services becoming increasingly available, it is easier than ever for threat actors to launch such attacks. Cloudflare noted that the larger and longer the attack, the more the threat actor is likely to charge.

Therefore, it is essential for organizations to take measures to protect themselves from these types of attacks, including implementing DDoS mitigation services and monitoring their networks for unusual traffic patterns.

Mitigation Steps to protect against from DDOS

  • Organizations must ensure all DDOS Managed rules are set to default settings.
  • Enable DDoS alerting to improve your response time.
  • Monitor regularly on unusual traffic patterns.
  • Deploy firewall rules  to enforce a combined positive and negative security model.

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