Dell Breached: Attackers Acquire Personal Information of 49 Million Customers

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Dell Breached: Attackers Acquire Personal Information of 49 Million Customers

Dell Technologies recently disclosed a data breach involving a company portal containing limited customer information related to purchases, exposing names, physical addresses, and detailed order information such as service tags, item descriptions, order dates, and warranty details.

However, Dell has confirmed that no financial data, email addresses, phone numbers, or other highly sensitive information were accessed during the incident.

Upon discovering the breach, Dell promptly enacted security response protocols, initiated an investigation to evaluate its scope, and implemented measures to contain it.

Additionally, the company notified law enforcement and enlisted a third-party forensics firm for further investigation. Dell has assured customers that, given the data involved, there’s no significant risk, but advises vigilance against tech support scams and reporting any suspicious activity to

In a related development, a threat actor purportedly announced on a hacking forum the sale of a vast database, reportedly comprising nearly 49 million records from Dell.

The database reportedly encompasses customer names, email addresses, hashed passwords, Dell product details including serial numbers and purchase orders, as well as employee records. While financial and payment details were not part of this dataset, the exposure of such extensive customer and employee information could potentially facilitate phishing, scams, and identity theft aimed at Dell’s customer base.

Cybersecurity experts warn that non-financial data, like names, email addresses, and purchase histories, can be exploited through social engineering attacks and credential stuffing. Even breaches not causing direct financial loss can lead to severe consequences like reputational damage. Dell is intensively investigating the breach and reinforcing security measures. Customers are urged to monitor accounts for unusual activity and safeguard their personal information.

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