Google Warns of Malicious Exploitation of Bard by Fraudster

Google Warns of Malicious Exploitation of Bard by Fraudster

Google Files Lawsuit Against Fraudsters Exploiting Bard’s Genetics Artificial Intelligence Hype to Deceptively Distribute Malware.

Today, a lawsuit was filed in California, asserting that individuals, seemingly based in Vietnam, are crafting profiles on social networks to endorse ads prompting users to download the AI Bard service. Regrettably, the downloaded software harbors a malicious program that pilfers social network credentials for exploitation by fraudsters.

The lawsuit asserts that three individuals, whose identities are presently undisclosed, are accused of falsely presenting themselves as providers of the “ultimate version” by Google Bard. Despite posing as affiliates of Google, they have no legitimate association with the company.

These defendants exploit Google trademarks, including Google, Google AI, and Bard, to deceive unsuspecting victims into downloading malware onto their computers.

Additionally, the legal action contends that the scammers have utilized strategically boosted posts on Facebook to disseminate the malware.

Similar to the crypto scam, the lawsuit underscores how the allure of a nascent technology can be exploited against individuals who may not have a comprehensive understanding of its functioning. In this instance, the perpetrators insinuate that Bard is a paid service or app, whereas, in reality, it is freely accessible at

In its post, Google indicates that it has submitted approximately 300 takedown requests in connection with these scammers. Google’s General Counsel, Halimah DeLaine Prado, expressed the perspective that “lawsuits are a powerful tool for establishing legal precedent, disrupting the tactics used by fraudsters, and increasing penalties” in her blog post for the company.

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