Multiple Sri Lankan DNS Records Were Poisoned — Including

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Multiple Sri Lankan DNS Records Were Poisoned — Including

Hackers group has poisoned multiple Sri Lankan domains on Saturday.

Defaced .LK Domains:

A mysterious group of hacktivists has poisoned the DNS records of several Sri Lankans (.lk) websites on Saturday, according to ZDNet.

Moreover, the users were redirected to a web page speaking about social causes that impacts the population.

In addition, multiple domains were impacted, including and – high profile domains.

Before the authorities intervened, the below message was displayed on, highlighting the issues like:

  • local tea-growing industry
  • freedom of the press
  • the alleged corrupt political class and judicial system
  • racial, minority and, religious issues.
Source – ZDNet

The attack happened two days after the Sri Lanka’s official national independence day.

On Saturday, an administrator of the country’s national LK top-level domain space —, confirmed the attack,

On the other hand, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka also confirmed the incident,

Source – ZDNEt

However, the details about the attack and defaced domains are yet to be made public.

Though the issue was only active only for hours the issue didn’t got noticed unless some users tweeted about it over the weekend.

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