Malware Attacks From SmokeLoader And RoarBAT, CERT-UA Warns

Malware Attacks From SmokeLoader And RoarBAT, CERT-UA Warns

Based on the Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA), the SmokeLoader malware is now being spread via a phishing campaign using lures centered around invoices. A ZIP folder containing a fake document and a JavaScript file is attached to the emails, which the agency says were sent from hacked accounts.

The emails, according to the agency, are sent using compromised accounts and come with a ZIP file that actually contains a multilingual file which contains a decoy document and a JavaScript file.

The JavaScript code is then used to launch an executable file that prepares the ground for the SmokeLoader malware to run. 

According to CERT-UA, the activity was carried out by a threat actor known as UAC-0006 for financial gain, with the theft of credentials and illegal money transfers as its end goals.

The attack, which targeted an unnamed government agency, involved the use of a new batch script-based wiper malware called RoarBAT. This malware recursively searches for files with a specific list of extensions and deletes them permanently using the legitimate WinRAR utility.

This, in turn, was achieved by archiving the identified files using the “-df” command line option and then purging the generated files. The batch script was executed through a scheduled task.

The agency further attributed, with moderate confidence, UAC-0165 to the notorious Sandworm group (also known as FROZENBARENTS, Seashell Blizzard or Voodoo Bear), which has a history of wiper attacks since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war last year.



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