Yellow Pages Canada confirms cyberattack as BlackBasta leaks its data

Yellow Pages Canada confirms cyberattack as BlackBasta leaks its data

Yellow Pages Group, a Canadian directory publisher has confirmed to BleepingComputer that it has been hit by a cyber attack.

Yellow Pages Data Leaked

Black Basta ransomware and extortion gang claims responsibility for the attack and has posted sensitive documents and data over the weekend. Its slowly becoming a more notorious extortion group, has claimed responsibility for the breach. Intel analyst Dominic Alvieri found information about the Yellow Pages Group shared by the mentioned ransomware gang on its data leak website. The data is generally stolen using the command line program Rclone, which filters and copies specific files to a cloud service. 

Yellow Pages Senior Vice President CFO stated that they immediately launched an investigation into the issue with the help of external cybersecurity experts as soon as the attack was detected. The publisher aims to contain the threat and secure its systems.

Based on the latest report, almost all Yellow Pages services have been restored. There is no additional information about the demands of the Black Basta ransomware group so far aside from the publicized data on the hacker group’s website.

How to avoid ransomware

  • Develop plans and policies
  • Create offsite, offline backups. 
  • Review port settings
  • Harden your endpoints
  • Implement an IDS

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