Comcast’s Xfinity Breach Exposes Data of 35.8 Million Users

Comcast’s Xfinity Breach Exposes Data of 35.8 Million Users

Comcast has officially acknowledged a significant security breach affecting its Xfinity division, with approximately 36 million customers of the world’s largest telecom provider exposed due to the CitrixBleed exploitation.

Hackers have been exploiting the CitrixBleed vulnerability, found in commonly used Citrix networking devices, on a large scale since late August. Despite Citrix issuing patches in early October, numerous organizations, including Comcast, failed to implement them promptly.

This lapse resulted in unauthorized access to Comcast’s internal systems from October 16th to 19th, with the company only detecting the activity on October 25th. The impact is predominantly localized within Xfinity, one of the company’s major divisions.

As of November 16th, Xfinity has verified that hackers likely obtained customer data. The compromised information encompasses usernames, hashed passwords, names, contact details, dates of birth, partial Social Security numbers, and responses to security questions. Comcast’s ongoing data analysis may reveal additional types of compromised data in subsequent disclosures.


CitrixBleed represents a security vulnerability with a critical rating, affecting Citrix devices commonly used by major corporations.

Hackers exploiting this flaw have specifically targeted prominent entities, such as Boeing and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Given the widespread use of Citrix products, the mere existence of this vulnerability is of utmost concern.

The CitrixBleed vulnerability enables hackers to exploit improper input validation, circumventing security controls and gaining unauthorized access to internal systems.

Moreover, this vulnerability empowers attackers to inject malicious code or commands, posing a potential risk of malware injection.

Currently, it remains unclear whether Xfinity has received a ransom demand or how the incident has impacted the company’s operations.

Additionally, there is uncertainty about whether the incident has been reported to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under the new data breach reporting rules. Comcast’s response has been reserved, providing little information on these specific aspects.

Preventing Data Loss

Individuals impacted by the breach should promptly take measures to safeguard their personal information. This involves actively monitoring credit reports, staying alert to potential phishing attempts, and ensuring the security of all online accounts by employing robust, unique passwords. Additionally, where available, enabling multi-factor authentication is strongly recommended.

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