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Critical Security Vulnerability Update — Adobe Bridge

Adobe has released a security update for Adobe Bridge for arbitrary code execution in the context of the current user.

Vulnerability Description

Adobe has released a security update for Adobe Bridge. This update addresses critical and important vulnerabilities that could lead to arbitrary code execution in the context of the current user.

However, Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities can lead to:

Vulnerability CategoryVulnerability ImpactSeverityCVE Numbers
Out-of-bounds readInformation DisclosureImportantCVE-2021-21091
Improper AuthorizationPrivilege EscalationImportantCVE-2021-21096
Memory CorruptionArbitrary code execution   Critical  CVE-2021-21093, CVE-2021-21092
Out-of-bounds writeArbitrary code executionCriticalCVE-2021-21094, CVE-2021-21095

Affected Versions

Adobe Bridge  10.1.1 and earlier versions Windows  
Adobe Bridge  11.0.1 and earlier versions Windows  

Security Recommendation

Certainly, Adobe recommends users to update their installation to the newest version via the Creative Cloud desktop app‘s update mechanism.

Adobe Bridge  10.1.2Windows and macOS    
Adobe Bridge  11.0.2Windows and macOS    


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