Flipper Zero: Now has an app store for third-party applications

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Flipper Zero: Now has an app store for third-party applications

The Flipper Zero team recently introduced “Flipper Apps,” its very own mobile app store. This new store enables mobile users to easily install 3rd party applications, expanding the capabilities of the renowned wireless pen-testing tool.

Flipper Zero

Flipper Zero stands as a versatile, portable tool designed for pen-testers and hacking enthusiasts, providing them with the means to manipulate an extensive array of hardware through RFID emulation, digital access key cloning, radio communications, NFC, infrared, Bluetooth, and numerous other functionalities.

Although it has sparked backlash after videos showed it being used to open garage doors, unlock cars, clone RFID chips and activate doorbells, it remains a powerful educational and research security tool for those who use it responsibly.

In the past, Flipper Zero users were required to find apps for the device on their own, often from code repositories like GitHub, and then load them onto the device via a card microSD.

However, thanks to the introduction of the new mobile app store, owners can now effortlessly browse through a selection of available and tested apps, simplifying the installation process on their devices.

The introduction of Flipper Apps has empowered users to enhance the capabilities of their devices by utilizing custom applications.

The new App Store is seamlessly integrated with the latest Flipper Zero mobile apps for Android and iOS. It boasts an impressive selection of 101 apps, curated by BleepingComputer, encompassing diverse categories such as games, hex editors, fuzzers, remote controls, NFC, and GPIO application

The full list of currently available Flipper Zero apps compiled by BleepingComputer is listed below

Pokemon TradingGame of lifeTic-Tac-Toe Multi
iButton Fuzzer[GPIO] 7-segment Outputtuning fork
VB Migration Assistant[GPIO] Readervideo Poker
Air Mouse[GPIO] Sentry SafeWav Player
Pinball Nested[GPIO] Timelapsexbox-controller
[ESP32] WiFi MarauderHeap DefenceGet older
SeederHex viewerZero Tracker
Temp sensors readerIR ScopeZombies
i2c ToolsEM4100 Key GeneratorAuthenticator
LightmeterMandelbrot SetZaitraffer
BarCode ScannerEMetronomeRFID Fuzzer
Flizzer TrackerMiFare FuzzerChess
4 in rowMinesweeperFlipBIP Crypto Wallet
[PMSx003] AirmonMonty HallColor Guess
analog ClockMorse codeCross Remote
ArkanoidMulti ConverterPOCSAG Pager
AsteroidsWell guess whatSpectrum Analyzer
Barcode AppOcarinaProtoView
BPM TapperRace[NMEA] OPS
brainfuckReaction testJetpack Game
Caesar CipherResistance CalculatorDoom
CalculatorI returnedOrgasmotron
Count Down TimerRoots of Life2048
CounterRubik’s Cube Scramblert-rex runner
DCF77 TransmitterScorched TanksHex Editor
DiceServo TesterESP Flasher
DTMF DolphinSlot MachineText to SAM
Flappy BirdSnake 2.0Tomato Timer
Flashlight[Sony] intervalometerBT Trigger
Flip PomodoroSWD ProbeUART Terminal
Geiger counterTetrisRock Paper Scissors
PongText ViewerNFC/RFID detector
Game 15Tic Tac Toe 

Despite encountering challenges in certain national markets like Brazil and facing categorization as a card skimming tool on online platforms such as Amazon, the Flipper Zero’s popularity as a portable penetration tester remains unrivaled.

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