Hackers Had Access to LastPass’s Development Systems for Four Days

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Hackers Had Access to LastPass’s Development Systems for Four Days

Password management solution LastPass shared more details pertaining to the security incident last month, disclosing that the threat actor had access to its systems for a four-day period in August 2022.

What is password manager ?

Password managers are vaults that store a user’s password in order to help improve security and make accessing the users’ accounts much more convenient. LastPass is a popular password manager service that helps store user passwords.

LastPass in late August revealed that a breach targeting its development environment resulted in the theft of some of its source code and technical information, although no further specifics were offered.

The intruders exploited the persistent access to impersonate the developer after the victim had been authenticated using multi-factor authentication.

The company pointed out that the attackers did not have access to the master passwords of its customers’ vaults because they haven’t access to them, which means that only the owner of a vault can decrypt vault data.

They performed a check of its source code to verify its integrity after the attack, it added that developers cannot push source code directly from the development environment into production.

This includes the complete separation of development and production environments and its own inability to access customers’ password vaults without the master password set by users.

“Without the master password, no one other than the owner of a vault is able to decrypt vault data,” Toubba pointed out.

Finally, LastPass noted that it engaged the services of a “leading” cybersecurity company to improve its source code security practices and implemented additional endpoint security guardrails to better detect and prevent attacks on its systems .

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