Ransomware – Hits Security Operations Center – SOC – World Wide !!!

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Ransomware – Hits Security Operations Center – SOC – World Wide !!!

Journey of the Ransomware is growing tremendously. 2.5 Million people become victim for Ransomware attack and this is an 11% growth from the previous year

Shocking Ransomware Growth

6000% Growth in phishing Ransomware emails delivered to the users across the world

1100 IT Industries confirms that they have experience Ransomware attack which includes for their Client as well

56000 E-mails delivered in just a month of time

Financial and Healthcare industries observed more number of hits compared to other industries

Most Shocking 70% of industries  paid to Ransomware to retrieve their encrypted data out of 20% paid more than $40,000 – What SOC was doing ? 

7 out of 10 malicious email attachments delivered Locky in Q2 2016 

Nearly two-thirds of exploit kits have ransomware payloads

600% growth in new ransomware families since December 2015

230 percent jump in JavaScript ransomware payloads

Initially it’s started just as an phishing attack which makes the victim to read the user and tricks to download the Ransomware, but nowadays we have RAsS – Ransomware As A Service which spreads ransomware in more notorious way.

Still if you have not remodeled your SOC process then it’s definite; you will be a Victim or your customer will become Victim.

  • How SOC functions towards Ransomware mitigations?
  • How to Ransomware’s get’s monitored?
  • How to Block? How secure is your client environment?

Being in Security Business Solutions how you are promising your customers / clients you will be actively monitoring and blocking the ransomware’s in their environment? Do you have equipped trained people who can focus on Ransomware ?

TOP 10 Effective Questions to understand how well SOC equipped in preventing Ransomware Infections???

SOC Top 10 QuestionsSOC Top 10 QuestionsSOC Top 10 Questions


The questions are derived from the practical point of few, not based on the Frameworks. Nevertheless of the Framework’s you are following, the questions are applicable.

All the Ransomware solutions which is available focuses more on reactive solution, not as an proactive solution [Samples like 1.Dont click on the Phishing email, 2. Keep your software updated 3. Always backup your Data and so on]

But, what you need to do before the Ransomware is hitting you? Be proactive in identifying and blocking the ransomware traffics before even it’s hitting you.

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